cassie.. MY POEM

He came into my life
the daddy i never had,
i could sit on his knee
cuddle into him, hold his hand
be a little girl with a daddy.

i trusted him, looked up to him
couldnt wait to see him.
i grew close to him, so close he would
carry me up to my bed on the fourth floor
and give me his special love.

a love just for me
because i was his special girl,
a love that was our secret

but it wasnt love
it was abuse,
still so difficult to say
to admit to myself
that he abused me.

it still feels like it happened
to someone else
i still havent reconnected with my body
and the little girl within.

today i am not scared
i am taking control now,
i am looking forward to healing
and my new life, free of the effects of abuse.

if i can take this step
so can you, look within for the answers
take some me time, and learn to love yourself
and the abused child within.

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