An Unfamiliar Silhouette

by Briana

An impetuous force thrust fiercely upon me
Waves heaving wildly from the savage scene
Paralyzed in raging rapids, thrashed around at sea
As I rewind to yesteryear when I was not yet fifteen.

The sight of a helpless girl unfamiliar to my eye,
She wasn’t me, I wasn’t her, just a stranger passing by.

Upon recollection I take a daring plunge
Down deep into the raw cracks and wounds
Scavenging for solutions, memories to expunge
A heap of old debris, a journey through ruins

Who is this girl, who could she be?
She wasn’t me, I wasn’t her, just a shadow I see.

Could it be that she was not at fault,
Did the waves really just crash her way?
Or did she tempt the twister she could have put to a halt,
And surrender her soul and choose to obey?

Who is this soul I wish to ask,
She wasn’t me, I wasn’t her, She’s unrecognizable, wearing a mask.

Terror pierces my pulsating veins
My brain restless, full of dismay
Remembering every detail, every aspect it contains
My soul departs, it hastens away.

A cry, a voice, who makes that call?
She wasn’t me, I wasn’t her, I was never that small.

Film flickers as I watch powerless
A replay of a nightmare I forgot to forget
Overwhelming me, intensity I cannot express,
But she wasn’t me, I wasn’t her, just an unfamiliar silhouette.

But silhouette hold tight, do not fear,
For I can foresee the end
You will survive, make it through, I am here
For once a compassionate hand I extend

Stand up, rise, be strong
Chin up, come along, you don’t deserve this hell
She’s messed up, sick, what’s happening is wrong
I’ll keep you safe, your story I will tell

You are secure; you’ll stand safe and sound
Together brave and resilient
I’ll never leave, I’ll always be around,
You deserve better, you’re beautiful, you’re brilliant.

I’ll let you soar, I’ll set you free
Release the hell that you went through
Soon no torture, only a distant memory
Of something endured, and survived too

I am a witness, it is time to heal
Tell me everything from when it began
Intense I know but time to feel
It will be tough but together we can.

Believe, be confident, you are strong,
Don’t doubt yourself and the song you must sing,
Open up, its time, claim the life you long
And oh yes, just one more thing…

You chose to survive, never regret that fact,
You did what was needed to stay intact,
Silhouette, I thank you and love you too
Because you are me and I am you!

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