Abused boy:(

by Mariah AK


Here's a little story
About a little boy
His foster parents locked him up
And threw away his toys

He cried everyday 
For they never let him play
Never let him eat
And whipped him while he sleeps

He hid this one Teddy bear
Under his tummy
The only person he felt that cared
He hugged this teddy when He was scared

So one day when his parents were out
He tried to scream, escape and shout

He lost his anger and started to sweat
He than held up his little Teddy pet 
And cried..

Teddy please help me he said
I want to sleep in a bed
I don't want to starve. I want to eat some food. I don't know what I did Teddy! I was never rude!

He tried to stay calm
He looked at his bleeding palm
Started to cry all over again
When will I get out God? Please tell me when?

His mum came back, was really high.
She took a dagger and threatened him with it
She pushed him down and ordered him to sit
As she said..

Listen, little guy
Tomorrow morning you won't be able to talk to your Teddy, won't be able to say hi.

He hugged his Teddy tight, tears falling down is cheek, put his Teddy in front of his face so his mum bent over to take a peak.

Listen, you little fool! I know that I'm cruel but we don't want you here, so soon enough you'll disappear ! 

They heard police cars,
She looked at his little scars
Pushed the dagger through his neck.
The whole room looked like a wreck

The police came in and arrested her they looked at the little boy on the floor there was blood everywhere even on the door
There was no joy

They looked at the Teddy bear in his arms, the one who helped him through all the harm .. 

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May 30, 2013
Tears NEW
by: Anonymous

All I can say is O.M.G my heart crys out this is such a touching poem

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