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Why Do People Abuse? Here are some Abuse-Facts

Why do people abuse? This is a difficult question. There are many types of abusers and there really is not a clear answer as to why people abuse children.

Most research shows that the majority of people who molest children were molested themselves. Several years ago, it was thought that sex offenders were most often physically abused as children, but most recent detailed research shows that they were, in fact, sexually abused themselves.

In one article I read, in New Jersey prisons, of the men convicted of sexual abuse crimes, 95% of them had been sexually abused themselves.

Sexual abuse is all about power and control and these offenders definitely could have been trying to relive their own abuse with power roles reversed or just simply to feel in control.

Many abusers relate better to children then to people in their own age group. Because of this, they pick children to abuse. They can create false beliefs about the child and even believe that the child wants them to have a sexual relationship with them. Many times abusers will even blame the child for the abuse seeing them as "seductive"! Which is totally ridiculous!!


Incest seems to be the most common of sexual abuse with fathers and step-fathers being the most common perpetrators. Brothers, sisters, mothers, baby-sitters and uncles are also among the most common perpetrators.

The most important abuse-fact to remember about incest is that it is a family based sexual abuse and it can repeat itself from family member to family member, generation to generation. Although this is true, we know from statistics that most children who have been abused do NOT go on to abuse others.

Other Factors

An abuse-fact about children in alcoholic families is that they are many times more likely to be abused than other families due to unclear boundries.

Boundries in an alcoholic family are not defined or enforced usually and the roles of parents and children are unclear and intertwined. Children in these families are less protected by the adults due to adults drinking and dealing with their own issues and problems.

The people who are likely to abuse and are in close proximity to these children can find them as easy targets.

Statistics show that more girls are abused than boys; however, most studies will show that 90% of sexual abuse victims never tell about the abuse.

Let us hope and pray that this statistic lowers greatly in the future!!

Children should be listened to, talked to and HEARD!!

Let us all help to break the silence!!



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