A vision that just won't end...

by Kathy Garcia
(North Carolina, USA)

The memories won't go away

they seem to just want to stay...

and replay in my mind

over and over again

play, stop, pause, rewind, stop

play, stop, pause, rewind, stop.

and it always seems to freeze at your face.

the face of a once dear friend.

the face of a guy who I once trusted.

the face of someone's dad.

the face of someone's husband.

stop, rewind, stop, play.

the yelling "NO" is now playing.

The hands grabbing me is in slow motion.

The pushing me down and you getting naked goes slow too.


There's your face again.

How I wish I could burn this vision.

Just like I did all those letters.


"NO" keeps being heard in the background.

can i please fast forward to the end? of when it's over?

i can't the way to stop.

your face just reappears.

the face of a man.

the face of a dirtbag.

the face....of a rapist.

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