A Silent Cry...

by Bianca Lyeighmarah Crampton

Cuddle after cuddle,
tear after tear,
the one's that believe,
are the only ones that care;
Looking back on a time and a place,
seeing me as a child, my innocent face,
knowing that things were not as they appear,
for inside i cried silent tears;
Why did he hurt me?, Why was it okay?,
I should have told before, as it's too late today,
my tears could tell a story, my heart could sing a song,
but none of it's right, it's all so very wrong;
The man I called dad,
for so many years,
now all I feel is hatred,
In all off my tears;
I remember those nights,
he took me out of bed,
made me do those things,
then smiled and kissed my head;
I remember it like it was yesterday,
and I know I'll never forget It, I'll never be okay,
the thoughts are so painful, and all I can do Is cry,
sometimes I think "Why can't I just die?";
Speaking out loud, did nothing at all,
the times i climbed up high, you gave me reasons to fall,
while you as the guilty monster Is roaming free,
me as the young woman Is sentenced to eternity!.

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