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I gave a great deal of thought to this page because Self-esteem is a very important topic and all of us survivors of sexual abuse have suffered from low self esteem due to our abuse.

I care about you and want to provide you with tools to empower you to increase your self value.

Raising your Self-esteem is not done overnight, but rather gradually, and you are definitely worth it!

First of all, it helps to hear from other women who are in recovery and have experienced some of the things that you are experiencing, and can give words of support and encouragement.

There is a way for you to share your story on the

"My Story" page. By sharing your story, you will certainly help to raise your own self-confidence because it takes a great deal of strength to tell it and also help other women raise theirs by not feeling alone anymore!


Affirmations always work for me. I have my own personal list; however, some of the links on this page have more lengthy lists if you want more.

Here is my short list (To be quick and memorable) Please put this list on your bathroom mirror, your refrigerator, next to your bed, Tec. Somewhere you will see it on purpose every day!

1) You are LOVED!

2) You are STRONG!

3) You are NEVER ALONE! (God is with you)



"for more about the power of affirmations, please visit Secret Changes, a website for personal growth." visit the following link: -

I have written a page on Healing your inner child It is a good page to read because by healing your inner child, you also heal yourself, which in turn, helps to raise your self value and esteem.

I will be providing different tools for different things to help you.

Subjects such as Self Care (on the outside and inside), Self defense, in order to make you feel safer and stronger, and the power of "The-Secret" which has helped me tremendously and I believe that it will help you too.

I also believe in "The Science of Getting Rich", which is based on the same principles as "The-Secret".

Since I have had so many of you email me with requests for me to write my own eBooks I have now finished one of many to come. The first of which is "Meditation Guide for Sexual Abuse Survivors". Look for more to come soon!

If you are not familiar with "The Secret", basically, it is about the concept of the "Law of Attraction" or Like attracting Like. This means your thoughts and behaviors attracting the same types of things or "energy" that you are sending out. I explain this more in the eBook that I am writing, but basically, if you wake up in the morning and stub your toe and are running late to work, you tell yourself that you are having a "bad day." There is a really GOOD chance that the rest of your day will go poorly! Why? because you are telling yourself that you are having a "bad" day and you are sending out negative energy, and in return, negative energy and /or things will be returned to you.

Quantum Physicists believe that the universe is made up of "energy", which is basically what we all learned in Jr. High, right? (or was it grade school?) Anyway, it is believed that if we send out positive energy, then positive things will some to us and surround us. If you believe you can do something, you are right. If you believe that you can't do something, you are right! Make sense?

How does this affect your self esteem?

Well, enormously! It gives you a great deal of power over how you feel and how every day of your life can go! You, alone, have the ability to change you and your life! If you believe it, you can recieve it!

I believe that God wants us, as his children, to be happy, as long as our happiness is not hurting anyone else or ourselves. This includes having financial abundance. As long as we remember to give back to God, I see no reason why God would not want his children to live in abundance in all areas of their lives.

These two methods will teach you new, positive ways of thinking and therefore help to increase your Self-esteem!

I will also provide links to other websites that I have researched and found to be helpful and provide good information for you. I am always looking for other good websites for referrals, so if anyone finds one, please email me so that I can place it on my site.


This is my first book for you, my sisters in recovery, "The Meditation Guide For Survivors of Sexual Abuse." Many of you have asked for me to write a book to describe different types of meditation and relaxation exercises you can do on a daily basis which also includes rituals. This book is a detailed version of visual and physical relaxation which is concrete in nature for you to use as a guide for your relaxation and meditation routine. It is something that I use on a daily basis and is ecclectic in nature. I find it extremely helpful for me and it is my sincere hope that you will also find it useful for you as well! It is comfortably priced at $8.00 so I hope that you will take advantage of this opportunity to take care of yourself to relax and recover!

Blessings to you all! Becky Herdmann


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Useful Links for Self Esteem


The Science of Getting Rich. Get a free copy.

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Secrets Of The Secret Course. New Law Of Attraction Home-Study Course Based On The Secret Movie And Book By Rhonda Byrne, Joe Vitale, Jack Canfield, James Ray, Michael Beckwith, Bob Doyle, Bob Proctor.Click Here! -


for info about the movie, click the banner What Is The Secret


For Journeling

30 Day Personal Journaling Guide

- This is a self-esteem building website. The goal is to give people as much help as they need to build self-esteem, to be more confident and to live a happy, prosperous life. It will provide visitors with lots of useful information, techniques, articles, affirmations, exercises about how to have a rock solid foundation for their self-esteem. To Visit, go to:


Another website to empower ourself and learn ways to heal and take responsibility. Creating positive relationship with self. Creating a life of self love and learning to use Fear as a way towards unconditional love. Visit:


Another SBI friend of mine, Roger, has a great website which teaches 18 steps towards getting back your self esteem. To get there click here: -

Self Defense Website. Look at the Tips and Tricks page to help protect yourself.



- This is a great site link to Harvard Medical Center. Great info about medical issues!! Look under HEALTH INFORMATION and then HEALTH LIBRARY to find a huge number of women's medical topics! -

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