Sacred-Space...Let's Create it!

Do you have a "Sacred-Space"? a place you can feel safe and call your own?

If you do not, it is about time that you created one!

I am going to tell you why it is important to have one and how to create it.

First, It is important to have a place to feel "centered" and relaxed and most of all "safe" when you are preparing to meditate or just allowing yourself to "be".

I know, I know, if you are a mother with a family, it is like next to impossible you may say to have any space of your own. I know, I fit into that category myself.

Well, you deserve it! So, TAKE BACK YOUR Sacred-Space!

It doesn't have to be large, just big enough for you. Surround yourself with things that make you feel peaceful, safe, comfortable, happy, warm and fuzzy (you get the idea!) It can be anything...

Personally, I like candles, sandlewood oil, certain inspirational books, CD's with easy listening music,. I close shut the door to my bedroom and drift away...

I do this prior to painting (Art Therapy) because I need to be centered in my own Sacred-Space before I create.

You deserve and need a Sacred-Space to prepare, retreat, pray, meditate and just "be". We will go into other things you can do in your sacred space in the rituals section below.

For now, search for that lost stuffed animal that you used to love as a child, your favorite perfume or candle.. experiment, tell your family this is important for your recovery if they ask why you are tearing up the house!



One definition of a ritual is:

"A detailed method or procedure faithfully followed."

People have many different kinds of rituals:

Some burn sage to get rid of negative energy in a space (old native american ritual).

Some bless their sacred spaces with holy water or oil at intervals.

Some say a certain prayer prior to meditating.

Some read a passage from an inspirational book every morning or evening before going to bed and ponder on it for that day.

People pray before meals, in the morning, and at bedtime. Those are rituals.

An old ritual for women was when a young girl started her period, it was a time of celebration for she was seen as a woman. (That would be a nice ritual to return to modern times rather than looking at "that time of the month" as a negative or "bad" thing.

I periodically burn sage and bless my house with holy oil. I also read inspirational verses from the bible in the mornings (unless our family is running late.)

What rituals do you practice? I would love to know and add them to my list.

Do you have any rituals that you follow? Or do you have ideas from your own Sacred-Space?

If so, email me so that I can add them to this page!

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