Depression. What is it ? Do I have it?

Depression is common with sexual-abuse with many symptoms. Sometimes, you can have depressive symptoms and not even know it!

Have you ever watched Lifetime movies all day and cried constantly and thought that this was normal? Well, It isn't!!

Suicidal thoughts are when you think about killing yourself. This is even more serious if you plan how you are going to do it and you even have the means to do it!

If you have gotten that far, RUN don't walk for help! PLEASE!

You are too precious to lose!

Suicidal comments and verbalized thoughts are ALWAYS to be taken seriously!

please call a suicide hotline and seek professional help immediately! 1-800-273-TALK.

Here are also some organizations for your information:

American Psychiatric Association 1000 Wilson Boulevard, Suite 1825 Arlington, VA 222209-3901 Toll-Free (888) 35 - Psych (357-7924) Phone (703) 907-7300 HTTP://

American Psychological Association 750 First Street, NE Washington, DC 20002-4242 TOLL-Free: (800) 374-2721 Phone (202) 336-5500 HTTP://

National Foundation For Depressive Illness, Inc P.O. Box 2257 New York, NY 10116 TOLL-free (800) 239-1265 HTTP://

Use these resources! That is why I put them here.


Other common Depressive Symptoms are:

SLEEP DISTURBANCES: difficulty falling asleep, waking up at night, restless sleep, insomnia, sleeping too much ie. more than 10-12 hrs. a day. Nightmares.

Feeling SADDNESS more than half the time, tearfulness, thoughts of hurting yourself (as mentioned above).

APPETITE changes: eating less often, eating more for comfort, eating larger amounts, binging and purging, weight gain of 5-10lbs.(eating a gallon of ice-cream in one sitting is not normal!)For extreme eating disorder problems, see eating disorders page.

Difficulty CONCENTRATING or making decisions: indecisiveness, struggling to make decisions, can't read or make minor decisions, such as figuring out your checkbook, grocery list, what to have for dinner, etc.

See yourself as a PROBLEM CAUSE for others: Low self esteem, think frequently or constantly about your deficits (things wrong with you.) Do you constantly say "I'm sorry"? and make apologies for yourself, even for little things?

LOSS of INTEREST: No interest in daily activities or activities you used to enjoy, Decreased interest in people, friends, sex, etc.

Feeling RESTLESS/ANXIOUS: Can't sit still, fidgity, can't stay seated, have to pace, move around constantly. Panic attacks.

NO ENERGY: Loss of energy, Can't get homework done, Can't get housework done because it requires too much energy, tired, slow.

PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS: Headaches, backaches, physical aches and pains are common. The pain is real but the cause may be attributed to your depression rather than strictly a medical problem. Do you keep going to the doctor with physical symptoms but the doctor can't find a medical reason for your symptoms?

There can be a chemical imbalance that causes depressive symptoms and sometimes medications may be warranted. With physical symptoms, it is always better to see a physician to get examined to determine the cause of your symptoms.

Even if your symptoms are deemed to be psychological, sometimes medications are prescribed for a short period of time to help you through a difficult time.

There are other natural ways such as herbal supplements etc., to approach your depressive state, however you should always be cleared medically prior to taking any type of herbal supplement.

These symptoms/behaviors are all range from minor to extreme. If you are feeling the extreme symptoms, you should seek the help of a professional! What is extreme? That would be symptoms that prevent you from performing the tasks of your daily life.., or thoughts of harming yourself or someone else.

Speak to your family doctor, a family member, a Mental Health Professional for an evaluation for counseling or medication, as mentioned above, to start feeling better!

There is no need for you to continue to suffer in silence! Get help today!

At one time I was suicidal and I am here today because someone cared!


Please call the suicide hotline now if you are feeling like harming yourself! There is HOPE! Don't give up!!

Helpful Resources for Depression

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