Art-Therapy and subconscious imagry exposed about your abuse.

First of all, Art-Therapy is the "Soul-Expression" part of recovery. It is "opening up of your soul" and expressing on canvas, or through poetry or whatever medium you choose.

It is my belief that EVERYONE is an artist.

My definition of Art-Therapy is:

The quest to understand the hidden or unknown part or forgotten spirit of yourself, including your abuse.

You are lead by your unconscious (the part of your mind you are not aware of) mind as the paint flows from your brush pr pen. Realization is when you are left to interpret the images or words you have created on the canvas or notebook along the way.

I find myself almost in a dream like state at times, allowing my subconscious to guide me.."letting go" and letting the process take control as the imagry takes shape.

It is almost like Art-Therapy is unveiling the the unconscious on canvas or in your notebook.

Why is this important?

Because many times your feelings related to your abuse are repressed into your subconscious and you have not felt them or dealt with them at all.

Art-therapy brings them out into the open and on canvas where you can see them and they become real and something you can actually see and begin to understand..which is the beginning of recovery!

Plain and simple, art pulls out your feelings and makes them tangible or real so you can see them and deal with them.

There is no right or wrong about art.

As I have said many times before, it is all about the process..

I have a self portrait that I have been working on for about ten years. Every so often I will add a little to it, as I grow and change, as I am lead to change it. She gets more color, she looks healthier etc.

I doubt that she will actually ever be finished.

It is the same with recovery. It is something that lasts a lifetime. One is never fully recovered. It is also a process. You get better and you learn new things about yourself and how you feel and why you make the choices you make (healthy and unhealthy)..

but the learning process goes on and never stop learning and growing.

If you are ready to begin to understand yourself at a deeper level and begin to tap into your abuse feelings, then I am ready to walk with you through it.

We will work with acryllic paints (my personal favorite) but there are many other mediums that you can choose to work with. All you have to do is ask at the craft store and there is a world of materials at your fingertips!

I will talk with you about what to do when the feelings start to gurgle and splurt to the surface..especially if it catches you off guard!!

I will discuss Art-supplies and where best to find them, The Art-Therapy-Process, and what to do if and when these occur when involved in therapy, Rituals when participating in art therapy, and I will share My Story of abuse and recovery. and I will also talk about Poetry as art therapy. Get ready to grow, change, express, and discover.

I will be right here with you at your side.

Practice some of that meditative breathing prior to starting to relax.

Are you ready? OK, Let's begin.

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