Are You ready to recover from Sexual Abuse?

Do you feel that you have been sexually abused?

Do you have...

Fear of the dark, nightmares, or night terrors?

A poor body image?

Difficulty with swallowing or gagging?

Phobias, panic attacks, anxiety or a "startle" response?

A need to wear excessive clothing?

A feeling like you have an empty black hole inside of you?

A need to diet continually, obsessively, and throw up after eating?

Feelings of suicide?

Addictions, compulsive behaviors, obsessions?

Anger, rage?

The inability to say "No"?

The need to cut on yourself? Sexual issues?

Guilt, shame?


Feelings that you are "crazy" or "different"?

Blocked memories or forgotten blocks of time?

If you answered yes to many of these questions, you are not crazy, you were probably sexually abused as a child.

Most of our memories from early childhood, especially before age 5 or 6 are not going to be what we would call "accurate" but rather a "snap shot"; however, if you think you were abused, chances are you were abused! Sexual abuse is not something we would want to happen and very few people would want to think up false stories of something so painful!

Beginning the road to recovery begins with dealing with your abuse memories and this can be a scary thing. You don’t have to make the journey alone!

Call me at BitWine 8-5 M-S to speak with me directly! (click on diagram) or Chat with me if I am online or leave me a message and we can schedule a time to speak that works for you!

I have been a counselor for survivors of sexual abuse for 16 years and I am also a survivor myself.

I will share with you methods that helped me in my recovery from sexual abuse through ART THERAPY, SPIRITUALITY, and HEALING YOUR INNER CHILD.

I've been where you are and I know what it is to feel scared and alone! You don't have to feel alone anymore!

I will teach you about your abuse, how to begin your recovery by expressing your deep, dark, scary feelings through creative art therapy and how to discover the inner strength inside of you through your connection with God and your spirituality.

Do you know that if you were sexually abused as a child, you have a wounded child inside of you? Did you also know that this wounded, hurt child has probably been making your decisions for you most of your life?

I will teach you how to heal your wounded child and take back control of your life and start making your own decisions as an adult.

It took me 20 years to let go of my pain from abuse and to heal my inner child! YOU DON'T HAVE TO WAIT THAT LONG!!!

Abuse can rob you of your spirituality. You may feel rejected, unloved, worthless, disconnected from and abandoned by your creator. The truth is, God is still there waiting to love you.

I will show you ways you can re-connect and rediscover your spirituality no matter what your faith may be.

I can’t carry you, but I am sure that God will, if you ask him.

I can't promise that this will be pain free..sometimes feelings come gurgling and splurting to the surface all over the place!..but I can promise that you won't be alone, you will discover new, exciting things about yourself and you will be supported.

Many women have gone where you are about to go and survived..better than survived, they began to really LIVE again..sometimes for the first time! You, too, can take back YOUR power.


You don't have to feel depressed, carry secrets, feel bad about yourself, have nightmmares, stay in unhealthy relationships and feel alone forever!

One important note, this is not to take the place of professional therapy or treatment! If you feel severely depressed, like harming yourself or someone else, seek professional help immediately!

I will also provide links, to other helpful sites, for you, along the way, to provide information and support so you can personally sculpt your recovery to make it uniquely your own!

Recovery is a decision. A decision that you want things to change in your life. The thing about change is that it is never without discomfort, whether good or bad. I heard someone say once that CHANGE IS LIKE TURBULENCE YOU FEEL ON A PLANE. It doesn't matter if you are moving into the storm or moving out of the storm into the sunlight, It is a bumpy ride sometimes..but worth it if you are tired of feeling the way you do right now.

Do you feel it is time to make a change? Are you ready to let go of your pain that is familiar to try something new?

I guess you have to be tired of the pain you feel from your abuse and willing to let it go. Something so simple yet something so hard, like having faith.

Your pain can even be as bad as feeling suicidal. I ask you, if you are feeling this way inside, what do you have to lose? Chances are, you will feel better and wonder what took you so long, like I did!

If you THINK you were sexually abused but you are not sure, you very well might have been. The only way to know for sure is to uncover the feelings that you have inside. This does require also letting down your defenses. That is a scary thing but if you were abused, you can be certain that it is affecting your life in one way or another. It comes through somehow...sideways even, usually unexpected.

I know that I tried to forget over the years but whenever I would go to the doctor for an exam or I was put in a position where I wasn't in control, I would feel panicy, nauseated and an overwhelming need to run. My body was still "on alert" to protect myself..even though I didn't totally understand why. For some unknown reason at the time, I still felt like a scared child.

Do you ever feel that way?

I will stay by your side and it is also my hope that you will feel supported; even though it is not in person. There is nothing that can really take the place of human contact and support. I do believe that you will find that when you begin to reach out for your own personal support network, the response will be surprising to you, of how many other women there are out there recovering from sexual abuse.

I discovered a sisterhood with women that I cherish to this day. I wish for you the same thing. A life where you are surrounded by your sisters in recovery. Getting there can start right now. All you need do is read what I have to say, and begin your own recovery.

As I mentioned earlier, If you are feeling suicidal, please call the the National Suicide Hotline 1-800-273-TALK Even if you don't feel it right now, you CAN feel BETTER.

We will take it one step at a time.

You can always feel free to contact me via email at this site with any questions, concerns or ideas! I check my email daily so I will try to get back to you within 24-48 hrs.

So, are you ready to recover from your sexual abuse? Remember, there will probably be some turbulence, but you have the strength to ride it out. You won't be alone! Above all, God will be with you. He/She is with you right now...even if you can't feel it. You are loved. You are worthwhile. You deserve to feel better! Most importantly, that little abused girl inside of you needs someone to take care of her.


If you have been helped by my website in any way, PLEASE give some kind of monetary gift to keep it going!! Purchase an e-book or donate cash here to paypal. This site is my only income right now and I want to be able to continue with it. Please my fellow survivors!! I appreciate any amount you can give!!! Blessings to you. Plus I do not charge for email consultations. Thank you so very much!!!


****I have just released my first eBook entitled "Meditation Guide for Sexual Abuse Survivors". It is available for you to view and purchase if you go to the Self-Esteem page. Enjoy!

I have also placed different e-books on appropriate pages that you can benefit from. Please feel free to click on them and see if they are ones you would like to purchase. Every purchase you make helps to fund this website. Thank you for your support!!




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Sexual-abuse-signs are behaviors such as depression, eating disorders, PTSD, low self esteem, and others, but there is hope through support and recovery.
Depression with Sexual Abuse
Depression is a common symptom of sexual abuse. You can be depressed sometimes and not even know it! To the other extreme, you can be suicidal and that is extremely dangerous!
Anorexia-Bulimia and other eating Disorders
Anorexia-bulimia are two types of eating disorders associated with sexual abuse which can be attributed to loss of control and low self esteem suffered from the abuse.
PTSD symptoms, Do I have them?
PTSD is a reaction to sexual abuse which is characterized by
Self-abusive-behaviors including suicidal thoughts
Self-abusive-behaviors and suicidal thoughts are possible among sexual abuse victims due to the overwhelming feelings about their abuse.
Sexual-issues and sexual abuse
Sexual-issues with sexual abuse? Yes, it is no wonder that this is a problem since you were sexually abused and it is common among sexual abuse victims.
Moving from Victim-To-Survivor is when the recovery decision becomes a working process and the victim mentality is exchanged for education, self healing, self forgiveness and self love.
The abuse-cycle is about the abuser having control over the victim. Sexual abuse is not about sex but rather about control. The victim loses self confidence and self worth after fighting the cycle.
Partner-intimacy-issues are common with survivors of sexual abuse in intimate relationships. Develop trust, intimacy, communication for a healthy relationship.
Parenting-issues are common with adult survivors of sexual abuse, it can even be more so if physical abuse was also present. The key to parenting depends on the recovery of the survivor.
Abuse-Nightmares and Sleep Disturbances
Abuse-nightmares are common in abused women beginning any type of therapy due to tapping into their abuse issues triggering their fears to surface on a subconscious level, in nightmares.
Spirituality and Recovery
Spirituality is one key to opening the door to recovery. Connecting to God helps you to open up your soul to begin your inner journey of healing.
Sacred-Space? Why?
Do you have a Sacred-Space where you can feel safe and relaxed? If not, I will teach you how to create one and common types of rituals.
Meditation and Spirituality
Meditation is a powerful tool used for centuries to get "centered" and in a peaceful state of mind. This is another way to practice your spiriituality.
Nature and Spirituality
Have you ever linked nature with spirituality? All living things are connected to and created by God. There is a sense of holiness about it.
Have you turned away from Organized-Religion because you blame God for your sexual abuse? If so, you are not alone! Why God allowed to abuse to happen to you is a common question discussed.
Prayer...A Direct Connection to God
Prayer, a direct connection to God. It is really simple, yet people over complicate it. Many of us who were abused "unplugged" from God and have forgotten how to reconnect.
Art-Therapy: Release the unconscious and begin to expose feelings about abuse.
Art-Therapy is the quest to understand the hidden part of one's self (abuse) lead by the subconscious through art.
The Art-Therapy-Process consists of applying paint to a canvas after meditating or centering oneself. Different emotions such as anger can emerge during the process that needs to be addressed.
Recovery-Rituals with Art-Therapy
Recovery-rituals can be very helpful with Art-Therapy in processing feelings about artwork. Rituals are concrete ways of taking back your power lost in your sexual abuse.
Contact-Me with any questions,concerns or stories of your own.
Contact-Me form for questions, concerns, ideas, submissions of stories.
The Survivor abuse-art-gallery is for sexual abuse survivors to display their art work for other survivors to see and appreciate. All types of art are acceptable and encouraged including paintings.
My-Story of recovery from sexual abuse.
My-Story of recovery from sexual abuse through Art-Therapy and Spirituality I found the keys to the prision of which I had been living in.
Maintaining-Recovery is all about making it through some of the initial "Hell" and moving on to every day issues in a sexually abused woman's life. There are issues to deal with and needed tools.
Healing-your-inner-child is an important part of sexual abuse recovery because it is accepting and loving a part of you that was rejected and to take back your power.
Abuse-anger, What to do with it.
Abuse-anger and rage are two of the most difficult emotions to deal with in sexual abuse and can block your recovery until you learn that you can overcome them and move on.
How-to-forgive is a controversial subject when it comes to sexual abuse, but I believe necessary for the survivor. It is strictly a personal decision whether the abuser is forgiven.
Low Self-esteem is common among sexual abuse survivors so I have provided valuable exercises, tools and personal eBooks in this area.
Many professional therapists become a Wounded-Healer when their own sexual abuse issues surface when working with other sexual abuse victims in therapy.
Abuse-poetry is another art therapy that many women use to tell their story of abuse in order to release their feelings in a therapeutic way.
Dissociation is associated with memory loss and is where the brain shut out certain emotions and thoughts/memories during the abuse so that the victim could withstand the abuse.
Body-memories can be the result of sexual abuse trauma when the survivor may not consciously remember her abuse but her body essentially does remember through pain.
Sexual abuse-facts are important to know especially if you are a survivor of sexual abuse. Knowing the facts about abuse can help to break the abuse cycle.
Teen-rape and/or sexual abuse is commonly unreported due to the teen feeling guilt, shame and fear of what friends and family will think and what will happen to them if they "tell" on their abuser(s).
My-Passion and dream for many years was to be able to reach women recovering from sexual abuse from a website on the internet and SBI made that dream a reality.
Abuse-grief or grieving the loss of your innocence is common with sexual abuse and this can include going through the five stages of grief of Kubler-Ross as you would with any other loss.
To assist with date-rape, a new threat has emerged in recent days which is are date-rape drugs. These drugs render you incapable of saying "no" or physically asserting yourself to stop the rape.
A Life-coach can be quite useful when dealing with sexual abuse recovery issues and other issues in general.
Please share your testimonial or experience with soul-expressions-abuse-recovery website or email services in order to let others know how to receive help and me know how to improve what I do.
Developing-intimacy is my second book for survivors of sexual abuse and their partners to learn how to build intimacy in their relationships.
The Abuser
Do you realize that the abuser who hurt you was a thief? Why? Because they stole valuable things from you each different at different ages.
Substance-abuse is common among sexual abuse survivors and most of the time requires dealing with the abuse issues to recover.
There is a new-forum for soul-expressions-abuse-recovery members to use and make their own now on ning!
There is now a belief system that victims can become fully restored to their pre-abuse potential even without having to fully recall abuse memories. This new "process" is referred to as Restoration.
Contribute to Sexual Abuse
Would you like to share your knowledge about sexual abuse? Great, find out how you can submit your story or tip here.